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Native Americans & The Child Welfare System

Cultural Genocide is Real.

Since the beginning when European settlers came to Turtle Island, our people felt the impact of white christian standards aimed to end the Indian race as they knew it. While there have been efforts by the government to establish laws such as the Indian Child Welfare Act (1978), the federal government has failed to see that these laws are protecting our people. They are seen as guidelines, not federal law as intended. Right now, there is talk of ending ICWA which not only threatens the lives of children everywhere, but is an intentional attack to end the Native American culture. There is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that these isolated incidents, combined, have severely declined the Native population by way of Christian organizations hired by the government to act as a controlling agent in what parenting should or should not be. It is ignorant and a direct violation of the American constitution that a religious organization be hired by the government to act on its behalf. It is ignorant to believe that a christian organization will not implement its religious agenda on the families it was hired by the government to supposedly protect. These agencies are "non-profit" ministries that are working under the non-profit title and making billions of dollars from the states and federal government to slowly conform families to the white christian standards that were the very standards that threatened the vitality of the native american culture. We have a declining number of native people who are involved in their communities and there is no other way to define what is occuring, other than cultural genocide. The TRC is ready to accept any challenges by any government officials who declare otherwise, as we have the proof, documentation, and video evidence that this is occuring in at least one family which in the eyes of anyone with a beating heart is too many. Our goal is for the government leaders to play an active role in educating themselves in how they can be a part of changing the cycle of destruction that these systems of government continue to provide. Our hope...our honest belief, is that the leaders of our country will be proactive and act without hesitation to save the children of this country, especially the native children who have far long been suffering the effects of a broken child welfare system.

Andrea Freeman - TRC President.


To gather testimony from Native people all over the United States of America who have been negatively impacted by the Child Welfare System. This will allow us to provide documented testimony to present to congress as evidence that they have failed to ensure the Indian Child Welfare Act us upheld. 


To work with government officials to reform the Child Welfare System to ensure that the Indian Child Welfare Act be used as Standard Practice, not a guideline... in all child welfare cases and furthermore, to remove attorneys and judges from the process of child welfare. Instead, ensure that educated, qualified individuals in the field of child development and psychology, social work, and tribes who have traditions and a culture that is not understood by non-native people, be placed at the forefront of the welfare of our children. 

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